Knightly Orders

Order of The Hearth- The pinnacle of Chivalry and Knightly honor. The order of the Hearth is responsible for all of the lands to the south. The Lord commander is Duke Everly Livingwood, Duke of Warfield, with Daeron Star has his second in command.

Order of the Flame- Responsible for the Cold lands of the North, the Order of the Flame is for those nobles who have shamed their families, criminals escaping judgment or for the hard faced looking for somewhere to belong. There is a common expression “Go North, to get burned.” The Lord Commander of the Order is Duke Agravain Rothbreed, Duke of Torskott.

Order of the Grave- Only to be used in the most dire need, no Lord claims command over this order. Using necromancy and other sorceries thought to be all but lost, over 1000 undead, undying soldiers can be summoned to defend the Kingdom.

The Council of Magi: Seven archmages comprise the Council of Magi, which advises the king and defends the realm. Few can challenge the power of one archmage, let alone all seven. When summoned by the king, they gather in a tower of the royal palace called the Mancery, which is protected by all manner of magical wards. The seven current council members are Llewellyn Dragonstaff, Magnus Filgray, Millicent Hawksworth, Elliot Lynch, Corwin Strome, Alicia Thistledown, and Jacqueline Vicard. None claim any hand in the events surrounding the Night of Wild Magic, although many find such claims hard to believe.

Criminal Organizations

Three finger gang- So named because every member must sacrifice their small finger, leaving only three fingers on their right hand. The Three Finger Gang is mostly comprised of cut purses and petty thieves, though it is said that the Three Finger Gang has “Fingers in many pies.”

The Mock Royals- Members of this Organization address each other as “Lords and Lady”. The group is composed of con men and thieves of valuable objects, it is even possible for members of noble houses to part of the Mock Royals, however at gatherings they all wear masks so as to hide their identity. The Mock Royals have the largest spy network in the kingdom.

The Underlords- The Underlords are more a collection of the bosses of the other two gangs and lesser groups. They control the entirety of the black market. Including the underground trafficking of goods, they use the seemingly endless amount of tunnels and sewers within Valorstand.

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