Important people

His Royal Majesty Thomas Starhewn (The Manticore King) King Thomas has ruled Valoreign for 83 years, the longest reign in the kingdom’s history. He is a man of contradictions: bright yet reckless, jovial yet temperamental, passionate yet self-centered, God-fearing yet unbound to God. He has two Legitimate sones Theodore and Percival, however on his deathbed he Legitimized his bastard son Daeron “Bright” StarThomas_Starhewn.jpg

His Royal Highness Theodore Starhewn- The eldest of Thomas’s children and heir apparent. He is 60 and has many sons and grandsons. However he is seen to be ineffectual and bumbling.Theadore_Starhewn.jpg

Her Royal Highness Josie Gallomere- Second child and first daughter of Thomas Starhewn. She married for political reasons to Duke Quentin Gallomere. She has many enemies at court most of all her elder brother Theodore Starhewn.Josie_Starhewn.jpg

His Royal Highness Percival Starhewn- Second son and third child of Thomas, he never expected to be heir to the throne and as such entered into the clergy, he is a high ranking priest directly under Archbishop Hyustus Valentine.

Her Royal Highness Miranda Greenbow- Fourth child and second Daughter, she married for love rather than for political reasons, much to her siblings criticism, for she married beneath herself. She has many children and grandchildren one of whom Micheal Greenbow is friends with Daeron a friendship encouraged by Miranda.

Daeron “Bright” Star- Being a bastard child he was never allowed to inherit the last name Starhewn. Disliked by his siblings except Miranda, Daeron chose to stay as far away from court intrigue as possible, joining the Order of the Hearth as soon as he was able. Now second in command he is held in much esteem and respect, by both soldier and common people alike.Daeron.jpg

Archbishop Hyustus Valentine (High Priest of St. Auvalon’s Cathedral): The archbishop is a longtime advisor of the king and the head of the Church of God in Valoreign. He also oversees the monasteries and abbeys raised by the king to foster religious obeisance and goodwill throughout the land. The archbishop is a cautious, quiet man who is fond of quoting St. Auvalon. One of his favorite quotes is, “There is no excuse for war.”

Abbán the Horrible (Warchief of the Living Cairn Tribe): Arguably the most powerful and dangerous warrior-chieftain of Iyarlaan, Abbán was hideously transformed by the Night of Wild Magic. The druids of his tribe claim it was a gift from Ogrémoch, the elemental spirit of earth, but even they are horrified by the acts committed by Abbán against the other berserker tribes, in particular the devouring of their children.

His Royal Highness Kristophe Marciveau (King of Nirvan): Kristophe was born one year after the coronation of King Thomas of Valoreign. Now 76 years old and barely able to walk, he is nearing the end of his reign as sovereign of NirvanKristoph.jpg

Her Royal Majesty Evangeline Marciveau (Queen of Nirvan): Lady Evangeline Dumonde married the King of Nirvan at the tender age of 15. Now 41 and still a specimen of towering beauty, she rules Nirvan by her husband’s side. Though Kristophe can no longer satisfy her womanly needs, her love for him has never tarnished. Unfortunately, the king and queen have no living heirs (having lost their children to sickness, war, and misfortune), and thus the Marciveau dynasty is at risk of coming to an end.Evangeline.jpg

Her Royal Highness Vyorna Mithralvein (Dwarf Queen of Skorinholm): A proud descendant of Skorin, the First King of the dwarves, the venerable Queen Vyorna is attended by the Graybeard Council, made up of elders from the various dwarf clans. Vyorna has never agreed to a meeting with King Thomas of Valoreign, nor has she ever seen the sun. However, ties between her people and the humans of Valoreign have never been stronger.

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