The King is Dead, Long live the King… but which King. The King had three sons two legitimate and the youngest a bastard born. Surely the crown should pass onto the eldest? However the realm is divided and many noble families are vying for power, and not all of them have declared their allegiance. Should the crown pass to the Eldest son Theodore a man who has done nothing of note, to Percival a pious preist with no heirs of his own, or to the recently legitimized bastard son Daeron, a young and charismatic leader of men. Or is it time that a new family be given the reigns of power?

This game is all about political machinations of noble families and the people caught in the middle. Are you a noble? a member of a great or small house? Are you a farmer whose lands will be threatened if it means war? A thief on the lookout to make money from the chaos, or a magic user hoping to advance the council of Magi’s cause?Valoreign.png