Seven Major Families

The Gallomere’s- Duchy of Brightmeadows. Head of Family: Duke Quentin Gallomere.
Motto: Ardens Fide- Burning with Faith.

The Livingwoods- Duchy of Warfield. Head of the Family: Duke Everly Livingwood.
Motto: Servire Populo- To Serve the People.

The Farncox’s- Duchy of Hundredhill. Head of the Family: Duchess Jessica Farncox.
Motto:In Reliquom Laboramus- We work for the future.

The Augustguard’s- Duchy of Spearpoint. Head of the Family: Duke George Augustguard.
Motto: Societas Florebit- Felloship will Blossom

The Rothbreeds- Duchy of Torskott. Head of the Family: Duke Agravain Rothbreed.
Motto: Non Sibi sed Toti- Not for oneself, but for all.

The Stonebards- Duchy of Westreach. Head of the Family: Duke Tywin Stonebard.
Motto:Pro Rege et Lege- For the King and the Law.

The Blackguards- Duchy of Gorgonhold. Head of the Family: Duchess Margery Blackguard.
Motto:Strenue et Prospere- with Vigour and success.

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Seven Major Families

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